Active Lifestyles Require Prosthetics That Can Keep Pace

The Crossover™ G3 Infinity Knee is a monocentric prosthetic knee that can be used for general ambulation — AND — with simple adjustments — transforms into a dynamic prosthetic for the most demanding athlete. No matter what Mother Nature throws at it — Dirt, Water, Snow the G3 Infinity Knee continues to perform. Never worry about losing functionality from a dead battery or an overheated microprocessor.


Ambulation knees are only good for walking and athletic knees generally are not. That’s a big problem for user's with real life transitions between activities.


Rebuilt from the ground up for 2020  with increased robustness and longevity the G3 Infinity Knee bridges that gap as the world’s first hybrid knee delivering high performance in all activities.


Don't Let Life Define Your Limitations




Technological Innovation

At the heart of the proprietary Crossover™ X/CAM™ System is the Tendon, delivering smooth energy absorption and return. Designed to mimic the natural body, the X/CAM™ System is what makes it possible to maximize extension / flexion moments associated with high impact athletic activities.

The advanced pneumatic / hydraulic shock provides an enormous range of options for making micro-adjustments "on the fly" in response to changing environments or activities.  The X/CAM™ System and Crossflex™ Wedges provide additional dampening and rebound during all ambulation and athletic movements.

Preflexion wedges are designed to act like knee cartilage providing compression absorption and reducing stress on the user's residual limb. NO TOOLS required for installation and adjustments to flexion angle / position can be made during high impact activities. Preset at 20° | 30° | 40° 


*Also available in Polyurethane for users requiring increased support at knee axis.

75 durometer-rated Variable Extension Dampening "VED" bumpers are designed to act like knee cartilage stabilizing the mechanical structure of the knee, providing increased stress absorption enabling maximum flexion and extension in all activities.

*Also available in 85 durometer-rated bumpers for users requiring increased support at knee axis.

Ultra Lightweight 6061-T aircraft aluminum frame with stainless steel inserts and Oilite™ self-lubricating bushings with graphite plugs.

* No maintenance with increased durability
* Smooth motion in light use or heavy impact situations
* All parts serviceable



Crossover™ G3 Infinity Knee Manual



Amputation Level:

Transfemoral | Knee Disarticulation

Impact Level:

Moderate or Extreme

Maximum Patient Weight:

125kg (275lbs)

Weight of Knee with Tendons:

908g (2lbs)

Build Height:

213mm (8.38")

Knee Flexion:

8° to 150°


Reimbursement Codes











Note: Responsibility for accurate coding lies solely with the provider treating the patient. Leftside Industries Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for the provider’s coding decisions. Leftside Industries Inc. coding suggestions rest on its best judgment and are subject to revision based on additional information or changes in the alpha-numeric system.

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