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G3 Infinity Knee


Active Lifestyles Require Prosthetics That Can Keep Pace


The G3 Infinity Knee – G3IK is a monocentric prosthetic knee that can be used for general ambulation — AND — with simple adjustments — transforms into a dynamic prosthetic for the most demanding athlete. No matter what Mother Nature throws at it — Dirt, Water, Snow the G3 Infinity Knee continues to perform. Never worry about losing functionality from a dead battery or an overheated microprocessor.


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Don't Let Life Define Your Limitations




  • Amputation Level:  Transfemoral | Knee Disarticulation

  • Impact Level:  Moderate or Extreme

  • Maximum Patient Weight: 125kg (275lbs)

  • Weight of Knee with Tendons: 908g (2lbs)

  • Build Height:  213mm (8.38")

  • Knee Flexion:  8° to 150°


L5964    L5828   L5830    L5845    L5848    L5920    L5925    L5930    L5999

  • Why is the G3IK not available for procurement by medical medical clinicians in in Canada?
    LSI does not possess a Medical Device License for product distribution in Canada. The G3IK can be purchased directly through out distributor, Linking Human Power LLC (“LiHP”).
  • How to purchase the G3IK in the UK and Europe?
    The G3IK can be purchased directly through out distributor, Linking Human Power LLC (“LiHP”).
  • Does the G3IK require maintenance?
    Yes, like all prosthetic devices, the G3IK is subject to wear and tear and should be routinely inspected, especially before participating in high-activity sports. Please refer to the User's Manual, pages 20-21.
  • How can I share my personal story and experience with the G3IK?
    Our Gallery page is dedicated to our Heroes who do not let life define their limitations. You can share your story and photos by emailing directly to Linking Human Power LLC (“LiHP”) or posting to the LSI community Facebook Page.
  • How do adjust my G3IK settings to maximize performance during various activities?
    Download the quick reference performance card. You can also review the Baseline Activity Recommendations Chart in the Device Manual on pages 17-19.
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