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The All New CrossOver

Prosthetic Knee


Don't Let Life Define Your Limitations

Active lifestyles require prosthetics that can keep pace.

The Crossover™ Hybrid Knee is a monocentric (single axis) articulated Extensible knee that can be used for general ambulation or — with simple adjustments — transforms into a dynamic prosthetic that can used for high activity sports like downhill skiing and mountain biking.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side.

Walking knees are good for walking only and sport knees are not good for walking. That’s a big problem for the user with real life transitions from one activity to the next. Crossover™ bridges that gap, the world’s first hybrid knee that delivers high performance in all activities.

You will be amazed at what you can do with this knee! Crossover™ allows you to make adjustments on the spot with no tools. Shred the hill and then walk to the lodge!


walk mode.png
dirt graphic_2.png
h20 graphic.png
snow graphic_2.png

Dirt, Water, Snow, the Crossover will continue to perform regardless of what Mother Nature throws at it. You never have to worry about losing functionality from a dead battery or an overheated microprocessor.




Medical Professionals

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Technological Innovation

CrossOver Knee Tendon

The patented tendon system is the heart of the Crossover™ knee, offering a highly variable and infinitely tunable resistance and return mechanism. This relatively linear spring rate of tendons and X/CAM™ system delivers a smooth, even energy absorption and return. This patented tendon and X/CAM™ system is what makes it possible for the user to get extension/resistance moments that provide the needed assistance to enable exiting and absorbing the extreme flexion moments associated with sport activities

The Crossover™ knee utilizes a pneumatic/hydraulic shock. This shock uses a combination of air, oil and valving to control and change flexion and extension moments. Air pressure is user adjustable and the regulated air spring/air pressure determines how firm that spring is. The user controls enables regulation of flexion and extension rates. Similar in function to the S-N-S Mauch units this pneumatic/hydraulic shock provides the ability to manage average ambulation requirements, and when combined with the tendon, X/CAM™ and Cross- flex™ wedges, provides the additional dampening and rebound for high activity sports


Crossflex™ preflexion wedges are a mid-durometer foam wedge system that is user added to change the preflexion angle/position per sport activity. Different sports require different preflexion settings. Snowboarding for example may require 30° whereas mountain biking may do better at 10°. Crossflex™ wedges are designed to act like knee cartilage providing compression absorption reducing stress on prosthetic limb.


Crossflex™ wedges require no tools to add to the knee and are inserted at the knee axis. 20° | 30° and 40° angle/positions available.

VED bumpers come in 75° and 85° durometer ratings and can be interchanged to address knee performance during stance phase. 




Crossover™ Hybrid Knee Quick Reference Performance Card

Crossover™ Hybrid Knee Product Information Sheet

Crossover™ Hybrid Knee Manual



Amputation Level:

Transfemoral | Knee Disarticulation

Impact Level:

Moderate or Extreme

Maximum Patient Weight:

125kg (275lbs)

Weight of Knee with Tendons:

908g (2lbs)

Build Height:

200mm (8")

Knee Flexion:

8° to 150°

  • Why is the G3IK not available for procurement by medical medical clinicians in in Canada?
    LSI does not possess a Medical Device License for product distribution in Canada. The G3IK can be purchased directly through out distributor, Linking Human Power LLC (“LiHP”).
  • How to purchase the G3IK in the UK and Europe?
    The G3IK can be purchased directly through out distributor, Linking Human Power LLC (“LiHP”).
  • Does the G3IK require maintenance?
    Yes, like all prosthetic devices, the G3IK is subject to wear and tear and should be routinely inspected, especially before participating in high-activity sports. Please refer to the User's Manual, pages 20-21.
  • How can I share my personal story and experience with the G3IK?
    Our Gallery page is dedicated to our Heroes who do not let life define their limitations. You can share your story and photos by emailing directly to Linking Human Power LLC (“LiHP”) or posting to the LSI community Facebook Page.
  • How do adjust my G3IK settings to maximize performance during various activities?
    Download the quick reference performance card. You can also review the Baseline Activity Recommendations Chart in the Device Manual on pages 17-19.

Reimbursement Codes











Note: Responsibility for accurate coding lies solely with the provider treating the patient. Leftside Industries Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for the provider’s coding decisions. Leftside Industries Inc. coding suggestions rest on its best judgment and are subject to revision based on additional information or changes in the alpha-numeric system.

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